In order to see a higher level of Truth and Reality, we must go beyond our perceptions, concepts and rigid views.”--Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

I consider this life, this physical existence and all of it’s experiences to be a great “UNIVERSE-ity” and have somehow, through the grace of the Divine, granted the great fortune to have many opportunities for expansion of mind and spirit through travel. This page is devoted to sharing some of my experiences with you. Hopefully, these reflections will inspire you to embark on your own journey of discovery, whether around the globe or deep into the mind.

So Much Love Abounds, Annie



Yoga Services that we Offer


This is a meticulous kind of yoga. In this style of yoga, participants must have to follow specific postures and guidelines to conclude their yoga. To conduct such kind of yoga styles participants must have to insert a great effort but our yoga instructors with latest techniques make it very easy for participants. Our clients are also very well educated and well mannered people in which qualified doctors, educationists and liability insurance professionals are included. 


Physical poses are required to conduct this kind of yoga. However, Hatha is conducted at Annie’s yoga classes on regular basis. She also provides very effective tips to lose weight and advice on conception after this class to female participants on weekly basis. Beauty experts of Spa Toronto also provide weekly classes to increase knowledge of people regarding the use of beauty products. 


This style of yoga has many similarities with Ashtanga but it also allows participants to play with music that is also a positive point of this yoga style as well. We are also going to conduct a seminar on the benefits of this kind of yoga for ladies with the collaboration of Salesforce App Development.

So just come and become the regular member of Annie’s Yoga classes. The members who will register before 5th May will able to become a part gift baskets Toronto lucky draw as well. Since 4th June, you can also get free membership for www.deliciavirtual.com.br, juegos de yoga para las ninas and Surety Bond events as well.  

To can also contact us at our sister company Orange County termite control to get further information.

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